* Please be advised this schedule may be subject to change.

Panel and Workshop Abstracts

Grabbing the Audience with Editing: Great Openings
Keynote Speaker: Kate Amend
Friday 5/19 (1pm-3pm)

Kate Amend will explore strategies for editing evocative, compelling, and provocative openings for documentaries. We’ll talk about how to “grab” or “hook” the audience from the first frame. And that means from the first frame of sound as well as of picture. By looking at clips from Kate’s work and others, we’ll observe how an opening can set the tone, raise a question, explore a theme, introduce a character, and establish the style to engage an audience and plunge the viewer into the world of the film.

International Documentary Association Presentation
Presenter: Claire Aguilar
Friday 5/19 (3pm – 5pm)

Claire Aguilar will speak about the International Documentary Association (IDA) and the services that the organization offers to members and to the public – from fiscal sponsorship and the new IDA Enterprise Documentary Fund and Pare Lorentz grant. This is also a presentation about the state of public media and the challenges to arts and media funding in the current government administration.

Ethics and Activism Panel
Panel Moderator: Marcie Hume
Panelists include: Doug Blush (Invisible War, The Hunting Ground, S Word), Lisa Klein (S Word, Of Two Minds), Crofton Diack (Hear and Now), and Lindsey Grayzel (Reluctant Radical)
Friday 5/19 (9am – 10:30am)

Documentary has a long history of political and social activism, bringing to light topics that are unexplored by traditional media. But this unique role of documentary means that documentary makers must constantly confront questions of ethics: what is consent, what responsibility do we have to our subjects, and what do we consider to be the truth when there are so many perspectives on a single topic?

For any documentary maker, questioning their own choices and ethics in filming incredibly personal and sensitive topics. This panel will explore the power of documentary to ignite social change, but also sig deep into questions of ethics that each filmmaker must explore for themselves.

Being A Female in the Industry
Panel Moderators: Marcie Hume & Crofton Diack
Sunday 5/21 (9am – 10:30am)

The number of female directors and producers is on the rise, but the film and TV industry continues to be predominantly run by men. A recent survey suggests that women are being paid significantly less than men across the board in unscripted TV jobs. Women are also plagued by gender-based biases: from facing presumptions that they can’t shoot, to being skipped over in the board room.

Bonding and sharing war stories with other women in film and TV can be empowering, and knowing what you’re up against can help you face these problems head on. Filmmaker Marcie Hume will talk with one of the most accomplished female DPs and producers in Oregon. Crofton Diack has a long track record in documentary, working with acclaimed Portland filmmaker Irene Taylor Brodsky, and also working as DP on popular unscripted shows like Ax Men and National Geographic’s hit documentary series Life Below Zero. Crofton will share her experiences as the only woman in the field, and the positives and negatives that this has on filming, relating to documentary subjects, and even negotiating rates. For women and men alike, this will be an intriguing look into how we can all address the disparity between the genders in our industry, and even use it to our advantage.

How to Sell Your Film
Presenter: Jilann Spitzmiller
Saturday 5/20 (10am – 12pm)

Of Two Minds – Case Study
Presenters: Doug Blush and Lisa Klein
Saturday 5/20 (4pm – 5:30pm)